Community Fest Recap

So dear friends of InsightLA,

We are eager to share with you a few memories from our first Community Festival, on Sunday, November, 11th.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining and a cool wind tempered the atmosphere for a perfect climate to festival in. The Cul de Sac at 15th street, adjacent to our building was blocked off and filled with tables and chairs, our “Lucy Booth” with Dharma Wisdom and a stage at the far end where the performers played. There were interesting people who presented things like essential oils, wellness practices, family constellation work along with our very own InsightLA T-Shirt stand.

There’s even a dancing Dharma Teacher Clip if you scroll down a few.

On the Main Stage, performers played and danced and sang:

Allen Weiss, beautifully played some original songs.

Ron Ames took the mic and emcee’d the festivities with his engaging charm and wit.

InsightLA’s resident “Man in Black”, Fundraising & Development Director, Mike Sirota.

Some felt the urge to dance a bit.

Diana Gould Tap Dancing from InsightLA on Vimeo.

And there were those who had to tap. Watch Diana Gould’s number above.

Stacy Robin’s band lit up the stage.

Denise Kaufman and her band, ACE OF CUPS played. Also featured: Mary Ellen Simpson

Christiane Wolf directed this rendition of “Do The Meditation”…

Starring a chorus of InsightLA Teachers and Executive Director Susan Love Loughmiller.

 Everywhere you turned, things were happening.

Jen Goyne & Trudy Goodman working on the table while Benita Karroll of Moondance Events looks on.

        Andi Schoenbaum painted faces.            Erin Carr shared her knowledge of the body.THERE WERE T-SHIRTS!!!

AND A BOUNCY HOUSE!!! Director of Special Projects Michael Krass was seen jumping in  it later on, though he won’t admit it.

So many interesting things to do.

Even InsightLA teachers like Paloma and Tere had to ponder it for a bit.

Everyone loved the “LUCY BOOTH” featuring Dharma Teachers.Though inflation has taken a toll since the original booth made popular by the “Peanuts.”

InsightLA Volunteer Extraordinaire Karen Cryer got downright mindful with Elizabeth Rice.

While some needed coaxing from Christiane Wolf and Maureen Shannon-Chapple…

Chris Chapple offered words of encouragement to the gentleman as well…

  In the end, he jumped right in. After all, Jack knows a bit about Mindfulness Meditation.

As does Diana Gould… the Dharma Doctor is in!

Lucy does Zen too! Ava Louise Stanton shared the booth for awhile.

                                   While Allen Weiss offered more pointed advice.

Upstairs in the Meditation Hall, the Dharmathon was underway. With each of the teachers leading a short practice period and sharing their insights.

In order of the pictures below: Trudy Goodman & Jack Kornfield, Christiane Wolf,        Trudy Goodman, Ron Ames, Maureen Shannon-Chapple, Beth Sternlieb, Paloma Cain,           Ava Louise Stanton, Tere Abdala-Romano.

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In the end, dear friends, we shared a lot of laughs…

We shared many warm smiles…

Melanie and Matilda with the T-shirt stash.

InsightLA’s Kevin Salazar.

Paloma with son Luca.

We shared time of reflection and insight together…

And we shared lots and lots of popcorn.