Books, etc

I will provide here a list of books and web sites I think might interest you. Some are specific to mindfulness meditation and others go deeper into Buddhist psychology.

MINDFULNESS IN PLAIN ENGLISH – Bhante Henepola Gunaratana (you can read it online here)

THE WISE HEART – Jack Kornfield (an interesting look at the differences between Buddhist and Western Psychology)

BUDDHISM WITHOUT BELIEFS: A CONTEMPORARY GUIDE TO AWAKENING – Stephen Batchelor (great introduction to totally secular Buddhist psychology)

WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE – Jon Kabat-Zinn (classic overview of mindfulness)

Here is a book I read this past summer which I found very interesting:

UNLIMITING MIND – Andrew Olendzki

Now, if you want to read something more deeply involved with Buddhist psychology and ideas you might try

SEEKING THE HEART OF WISDOM Joseph Goldstein & Jack Kornfield


and if you really want to go into the subject, let me suggest this site…

…and this site – which has a number of talks by Western Buddhist teachers – probably the largest collection available.