Buddhist Meditation Classes

Thank you for your interest in the Buddhist meditation program. Our classes are for anyone interested in deepening their practice and exploring what it means to live a wise and compassionate life. We teach tools to help you embody healthy living and universal human values. You will learn skills in insight, self-compassion, and loving relationship. Buddhist teachings — like all spiritual traditions — emphasize generosity and courage, and connection with that which is larger than ourselves.  While the methods we teach come from an ancient Buddhist lineage, they’ve been adapted to different cultures over the centuries. Mindful awareness, kinship with all life, the wise use of technology – this is some of what we study and cultivate together.

Buddhist meditation classes are Ideal for the student who has already taken the “Basics of Mindfulness Meditation” class, or has completed the “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program,” and who wishes to ground their mindfulness meditation practice within the context of the Buddha’s teachings. If you have some meditation experience but have not taken an InsightLA class, please contact the teacher.

Classes are taught as a mix of study and practice, so that students will gain an overview of the Buddha’s teachings, while developing experience with Buddhist practices and meditation. The material will be taught with a practical emphasis on how we apply and live these teachings in our everyday lives. The teaching will also emphasize the importance of cultivating an embodied awareness moment to moment.

Understanding of the essential teachings deepens over time. For this reason many of our students repeat classes. In this way a wonderful supportive community has developed through shared practice and group discussions.

Class offerings in the Buddhist studies program will conver such topics as

1. Four Noble Truths: Essential teachings

2. The eight Fold Path: Eight Steps to Happiness

3. The Five Hindrances: challenges as gateways to freedom

4. The seven factors of Awakening.

5. Metta: Awakening the Heart.

6. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: A taste of Freedom

of mindfulness and an essential teaching revered by all Buddhist traditions.

7. Refuges and Training Precepts: Finding security and safety



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