Audio Recordings

Please feel free to stream or download these meditations to use in your practice.

Click on the arrow to stream or click on the highlighted words to download the file.

Guided Meditations

MBSR with Beth Mulligan:

1. MBSR Body Scan
2. Floor Yoga
3. Sitting Meditation
4. Standing Meditation

Mindful Eating for Vibrant Living with Beth Mulligan:

1. Introduction to Meditation

2. 10 Minute Sitting Meditation

3. 20 Minute Sitting Meditation

4. Introduction to Body Scan

5. Body Scan

6. Body Loving Kindness

7. Self Healing

8. Mindful Eating 1

9. Mindful Eating 2

10. Mindful Eating 3

11. Layers of the Body Meditation 1

12. Layers of the Body Meditation 2

13. Layers of the Body Meditation 3

14. Layers of the Body Meditation 4

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