Zero Relationship? Or Relationship as Zero?

It is a gift to be alive, to be in relationship. Mindfulness is intimate relationship with life. We are nothing but a field of relationship—to this moment, to NOW, to a world that is so much greater than ourselves. Mahatma Gandhi did meditations on being “zero” which were a source of power, enabling him to embrace the whole of humanity, in kinship and humility.

Being zero meant uncluttering his mind and heart, taking time to simply BE, without having to be anything or anyone, just BEING. Then he could show up as a deep lover of all humankind. We, too, can be fully present as lovers of life. This is how we participate in what Dr. King called the “beloved community.”

As long as our life continues, we can be lovers, making love with this present moment, playing with all its rough & tumble—offering our creative gifts and love to ourselves, to each other, our families, to our home on this earth. We can fall in love anytime we’re fully present! As Dr. Cheryl Fraser says, “Falling in love is easy. Staying in love takes mindfulness.” It takes loving awareness and compassion, giving ourselves and each other the benefit of the doubt, forgiving missteps. We can come home to this radiant possibility every day we practice.

We find a compass in our hearts that points the way to a refuge in our hearts. Through staying open in love, through making love, and expressing our love in action, we can transform ourselves into something greater than ego—into sincere zero. Never has our meditation practice been more needed to stay in love and trust the ultimate goodness of humanity.




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