November 2012

Our inaugural book is Brain Rules by John Medina.

Recommended by Dr. Christiane Wolf, Director of MBSR Programs for InsightLA, Brain Rules introduces 12 facts about the brain and how it functions (or not) in an easy to read, entertaining way. Why our brain functions so much better when we move (instead of sitting in classrooms or in front of our computers for hours). Why we can’t multitask, why emotionally charged content is contained so much better, why our normal attention span is only about 10 minutes (and what we can learn as teachers from all of that).

Christiane likes this passage from the book: “If the prefrontal cortex is like the board chairman (of the brain), the cingulate gyrus is like the personal assistant. The assistant provides the chairman with certain filtering functions and assists in teleconferencing with other parts of the brain – especially the amygdala, which helps to create and maintain emotions. …the amygdala uses dopamine the way an office assistant uses post-it notes…You could say the post-it not reads “Remember this!”. …Getting the brain to put a chemical post-it note on a piece of information means that the information is more robustly processed.”

Enjoy, and remember to share your comments with us!

Hardcover Edition
Paperback Edition
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One thought on “November 2012

  1. As I’m now done with the book I also really enjoyed the chapter on stress and the 3-part stress model he introduces. Anybody has any thoughts on this?


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