InsightLA is having a community festival this Sunday, Nov. 11, from 1-4.  Upstairs, different teachers will be offering talks and practices in ten minute rotations, while downstairs, there will be food trucks, music, a trampoline and play area for kids, and various teachers offering, a la Lucy,  “Dharma Advice $5”  (I know, hers was 5 cents, but these teachings are priceless, and there’s been inflation.)

The parking lot will have a kids play area, while the cul-de-sac on 15th will be blocked off.  There will be a stage, and live music.

And I have volunteered to tap dance.

Well, maybe not like that.

Or that.


But (gulp) I am going to be tap dancing on 15th and Olympic on Sunday Nov. 11.  I think I have the 1-1:30 slot.  If you get there at 1:30, you’ll probably miss it.

Anything for InsightLA.

Hope to see  you there.


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