Basics of Mindfulness


Thank you for your interest in the Insight LA Basics of Mindfulness Class!  

This class is designed to be an “introduction” to mindfulness practice, providing clear, step-by-step instruction with a seasoned teacher within a group setting.  Because these practices are foundational to mindfulness, many students take this class more than once, as a way to review, deepen and strengthen their continued practice.  While what is taught dates back 2,500 years to the teachings of the Buddha, this class is taught within a secular format, in which these practices and tools have been translated for Westerners living in the 21st Century.

The class is designed in a step-wise fashion, moving through the three main “foundations” of mindfulness practice, that of the “body”, “feeling” and “thinking”.   Beginning with the most concrete, practices of the body, the intention is to build concentration while “making space” for daily practice, both formal and informal.  Then, awareness training expands to include the landscape of the heart and, finally, the patterns of the mind.

If you are contemplating taking this class, let me offer some considerations.  Be clear on your expectations in taking this class.  It would be unrealistic to expect experiences of”enlightenment” after only 6 weeks of an introductory course.  Also, be gentle regarding your expectations of yourself.  There is no perfect meditation, and, therefore, no perfect meditator.  There is only your moment-to-moment experience and how you are with it.  Meditation practice can trigger strong patterns of self-judgement and self-criticism.  But, the wisdom that grows out of this practice can be incredibly effective in transforming these patterns.  So, be gentle, cautious and mindful of any unrealistic expectations.  At the end of this class, you can expect to be clear about what mindfulness meditation actually is, a “taste” of how it can work to alleviate some of the unnecessary suffering in your life, as well as a felt sense if it is for you.

As a teacher, I like to think of myself as a “sherpa” guide.  I am a committed student who teaches, so I know the trail.  I have reached a place in my own practice, in which I have no  doubt about walking this path, based on my own hard-won experience.   I will be there to keep you on the trail with support, humor, clear instruction and compassion, but I will refrain from giving you any “answers”.  Mindfulness makes space for each student to find their own true inner teacher.  How this unfolds for each practitioner is unique.  I have learned to trust this process, and in these classes it gives me the greatest happiness to make space for students to reclaim what is deepest, truest, and best from within.

Hope to see in an Insight LA Basics Class soon……

Truly, Lisa

“Out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field.  I will meet you there.”  Rumi